News Update *Entire Money welcomes you for its help Donation project.     *Enjoy financial freedom by helping others around you.     *Shortly we are going to open our new branches in and around the state.

In Entire Money there is no boss or owner. Entire Money is an global, free, self-adjusting community.Entire Money Website is a Platform which collects data from people who need help at the moment and sends the data to people who are willing to provide this help. there is no Any source of income / internal transaction of money. there are no rules at all!, there is no guarantees of repayment of their helping funds.

There are no shares transactions, any relationship with the professional participants of our members, no shares or any product you do not get! We do not give you any guarantees either, no promises. Neither explicitly nor implicitly. Do not create the mistaken belief that you can become rich quick here. you can still lose all your money if you did'nt got any help in our community from other participants.


When searching for someone to help them reflect upon and improve their lives, people tend to be drawn towards those who are compassionate, committed and wise. This project is aimed at those who recognise these qualities in themselves and wish to develop their capacity to engage with and help others. thi web Site and virtual accounts are only tools which help people to assist each other.

The backbone of this project is empathy and commitment, drawing upon the experiences and practice. They explore the key characteristics of those who counsel and teach and examine aspects of the helping process, focusing on living life well, knowing and being oneself, relating to others and working to make change possible. This project will be a great success with the help of help minded youth and other noble community members.

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